Lifetime Guarantee - Attack A Crack™


Lifetime Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Under our Lifetime Guarantee, all work performed by Attack A Crack™ is guaranteed for the life of the home and transferable to New homeowners. We guarantee our concrete foundation crack repair will be free from defects and will perform without fail and remain watertight for the life of the concrete foundation. The repair will not peal, crack, separate, shift, or leak any water for the life of the home. If the crack repair should fail, then Attack A Crack™ has two attempts to remedy the situation. If we cannot repair the problem, we will issue the home owner a full refund.

Items not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee include any new concrete foundation damage or cracks not related to our original work.

Should Attack A Crack™ be sold, all the lifetime guarantees will be transferred to the new owner of Attack A Crack™ and the guarantee will stay in affect under new ownership.

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