Attack A Crack™ has compiled and organized some helpful Tips, that should keep your Home safe and sound. These Tips were based off of questions that came from our customers, and we thought it would helpful to share them with you. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in preserving the integrity of your Home’s Foundation.

If your concrete foundation has become compromised, we do not suggest trying to DIY, because it might be dangerous, and you could potentially cause more damage. If you need a professional to assess your Home, please give us a call at (860)573-8760, and we’d be happy to send out a licensed professional to inspect the damage at no charge. We will provide you with a complete report, and various options to choose from without any obligation. When it comes to your concrete foundation’s integrity and safety, we always recommend using a professional whether you choose Attack A Crack™, or someone else. The one great thing we are proud to offer all of our loyal customers is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all work for the life of your Home, which no else offers in the industry! We know once you try our service, you’ll become another happy customer for life! We Guarantee it!


1. Warning Signs your Home’s Foundation has become compromised
2. Preparing your Home for the Winter Chill
3. Home Maintenance and Winter Prep Checklist
4. 10 Fast Tips for a Worry-Free Foundation
5. More TIPS & Videos on the way!

If you would like a Free 9-Point Inspection, please call (860)573-8760, and we’ll send out a Concrete Foundation Expert that will provide you with a complete assessment of your home and foundation. Please call us to Confirm your Free Inspection Time, while time slots are available.