Sewer and Well Line Injection – During construction of your Home’s Foundation, two inlet holes are bored through the concrete, one for the Well Line, and another for the Sewer Line. It is a common practice to use hydraulic cement to seal around the Well and Sewer Lines to prevent water from penetrating into the basement. However, with the changes in weather we experience here in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, this cement cracks and erodes over time, and can allow water to enter through the inlets. This can prove to be a serious problem on many levels depending on your situation. The area where water is coming through the wall can be injected with a strong and durable Urethane Resin. This resin can penetrate and fill the gaps between the Sewer and Well Lines, as well as the entire thickness of your concrete wall to the outside, where the source of the water begins. All of the work is done from inside of the Home, eliminating the need for excavating outside the basement. This will save you a small fortune, time wasted, and the headache of having to re-landscape your property. Once the gaps have been injected and properly sealed, the repair is then Guaranteed for the life of the home, and is transferable to any new homeowner. We are confident that you will be pleased with the work, especially during the Spring thaw. If you like to setup an appointment, please call (860)573-8760 for a Free Estimate and Basement Health Assessment.

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