We have put together a few information only videos with more on the way to give you some insight into what might be ailing your Foundation. Many times Homeowners aren’t aware of the dangers or costs associated with an unstable foundation, or even know the signs. If your concrete foundation is compromised by crumbling concrete, thick tree roots, settling, earthquakes, flooding, soft clay soil, or just Mother Nature, and you begin to see water in your basement, or the basement walls begin to crack and buckle, then it’s time to have a professional inspect and repair the damage before the costs become astronomical. We hope our videos give you more insight into how you can save yourself future expenses by addressing the issue now, and would like to hear your feedback, suggestions, or requests for new videos.

Again, if you have any questions about your concrete foundation, we would be more than happy to assist. But, please remember not to attempt any of the steps outlined in our videos, unless you are a licensed contractor or professional in the State of CT or MA. Thanks from the Attack A Crack™ Team, and please contact us if you should have any questions, we are always here to help and provide you with answers…free of charge. Enjoy!

Welcome to Attack A Crack™ – Intro


Concrete Foundation Wall Assessment – Part I


Concrete Foundation Wall Assessment – Part II

Concrete Foundation Wall Assessment – Part III


Concrete Foundation Wall Repair Step by Step Demo

Bulkhead and Basement Entryway Repair


Leaky Bulkhead Entrance and Hatchway Repair


Chimney and Foundation Settlement Repair


How to identify Concrete Foundation Problems early


For a FREE Foundation Inspection, please call us at (860)573-8760, and we’ll send out a Professional Foundation Expert to assess any damage and give you a full report, as well as options and suggestions.