Welcome to our Testimonial’s page! Attack A Crack strives to provide the ultimate service and performance, and backs all work with a Lifetime Guarantee! We understand how important your Home is to you, so we will always give you our honest opinion on whether your foundation needs repair or not.

If you’re looking for a Concrete Foundation Specialist, we urge you to give us a try, because we stand behind our workmanship with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that is transferable from owner to new owner! We have been servicing the CT and MA area for over 25+ years, and know which areas are most prone to potential damage based on geography and experience. It won’t cost you a thing to have one of our Experts come out and inspect your Home, and at least you’ll know what your options are before proceeding. Many of the Homes we inspect do not need any repair, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. See what our Happy Customers are saying about Attack A Crack.


Luc responded promptly when we forwarded pictures of the cracks on our basement floor and walls. He assured us that the cracks were the result of normal house settling that occurs over a period of time. It is refreshing when a company such as Attack A Crack is not looking to fix something that isn’t broken. If we ever have an issue with the basement we would not hesitate to do business with Luc and his company. Excellent – Come over for Milk & Cookies!
Peter Bucknall (9-19-17)

Luc quoted me after I sent him pics of the crack and got an instant quote.His serviceman ,Justin was professional and the repair was done in a neat and timely manner and I am very satisfied and would recommend this company to anyone with a problem foundation!
Ted Kozak (4-14-17)

Some water was getting into my basement. I couldn’t identify how the water was getting in. So I started contacting all these basement companies. Each one was telling me (based on a video I shot of the issue) that they couldn’t help me. At first Luke with Attack a Crack said that, but he was prompt to get back to me, and he suggested that I talk to a handyman. (Other companies didn’t give me suggestions). I said the handyman doesn’t feel comfortable fixing it. So Luke suggested that I take some pictures of the issue. I sent him pictures and based on my pictures he told me where he thinks the leak/crack is coming from. He was very specific too. He said its coming from your front porch step, not one step below. And sure enough, I lifted up the mat on the front porch and there was a crack in the foundation. (I poured a cup of water over the crack and it started to leak into the basement. We’ve found the culprit!) He was so patient with me, and allowed me to ask all these questions. And he let me send all these pictures via text. Which saves both of us a lot of time.
Rachel Kodner (3-28-17)

Saw a crack in my basement. Sent a pic to Luc. Determined via photo and text message that crack was nothing to worry about. Great service. Could not ask for a more professional person. Much appreciated. Thank you! Come over for Milk & Cookies!
Mathew Bean (2016)

Provider returned my email regarding a crack in my foundation. After looking at a photo I sent, they advised me that I would not need work done. I appreciated their honesty and if something were to ever arise, I’d certainly use them!
Erin Matley (2016)

I sent an email to Attack a Crack detailing some cracks I saw in my slab foundation and included some pictures of the issues.  About 15 minutes later Luc called me.  He took the time to explain to me that the cracks I saw were normal settlement cracks and nothing to be concerned about and would not need repair.  He was extremely friendly and even though he was not making any money off of me, he stayed on the phone and went into detail about the (non) issues. I’ve dealt with numerous contractors and businesses.  Luc is a cut above the rest.  He didn’t try schedule any unnecessary work just to make a buck. I really appreciate an honest and professional person like Luc and I’ll be recommending him and his company to anyone who mentions any foundation issues.
Anthony Polakos (2016)

100% satisfied with the work this provider did. I had read many of the reviews for Attack-A-Crack before selecting them as a provider.   ALL of the positive items included in the reviews I read proved to be true when it came time for my service.  Luc (the owner) called be back minutes after I contacted them.   He visited the house within a day, explained all the details and set up a repair date.  Justin (the technician) arrived at the agreed time, and completed the work as it was explained to me.    Very, very satisfied with this company.
Fredric Stefanowicz (2016)

How would you rate our service and attention to detail?: Excellent – Come over for Milk & Cookies!
Did we perform to your Satisfaction?: Yes!
Would you recommend Attack A Crack to others?: Yes! Absolutely!
How would you rate your overall Experience?: Great!
Marlena S. (2016)

Repaired a foundation crack that was allowing water to enter our mud room. Very neat and thorough job and is holding up well. This is the third time we have used this provider.
Eileen Lynch (2016)

A foundation crack near a previously used oil furnace exhaust hole was leaking some water during heavy rains. Attack-a-Crack sealed that crack and, also, repaired and sealed the exhaust hole plug previously installed by a concrete repairman. Very well done, Attack-a-Crack are experts.
William Fuller (2016)

I give Attack A Crack a “A” rating for price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism!
Debbie La Mar (2016)

We hired them for one specific repair. They inspected the property and found over $1000 of additional work that needed done. They provided an estimate, but never wound up doing any of the work. When we eventually had the property inspected later before renting it out, the inspector presented no findings in the foundation other than cosmetic.
Ben Frutos (2016)

Luc visited us to investigate a problem with our foundation. He was very prompt, courteous, and provided a great deal of information. In the end, he talked us out of his service because filling the cracks was not going to solve the source of the problem or provide a long term solution.  He gave us recommendations to others contractors.
Paul Lewis (2016)

He was really helpful on the phone. Very knowledgeable and recommended some things to us. I appreciated how responsive he was to us, even though he was to far away to perform the work.
Ronnie Herman (2016)

100% satisfied with the work this provider did. I had read many of the reviews for Attack-A-Crack before selecting them as a provider.   ALL of the positive items included in the reviews I read proved to be true when it came time for my service.  Luc (the owner) called be back minutes after I contacted them.   He visited the house within a day, explained all the details and set up a repair date.  Justin (the technician) arrived at the agreed time, and completed the work as it was explained to me.    Very, very satisfied with this company.
Fredric Stefanowicz (2016)

Good work!
Amy Kioko (2016)

They did a complete foundation exam and determined my basement water was coming from a window with a crumbling cement sill and advised how to get it fixed by a handyman which I did – gave good advice I thought and it did not result in more business for them – I thought Luc was very competent and fair.
Ellen McCreery (2016)

I was very impressed by Luc’s responsiveness and his following-up with me, even though there was no financial incentive for him to do so!  If I do ever have a problem that could use his help, I will definitely call him again.
Anna Garsten (2016)

Not only did he call me back within five minutes, but we had a long conversation. He gave me excellent advice, I got a whole new perspective on what to do, and he told me about two excellent products I can use.  And when the connection broke, he called me back himself.  This is a REAL guy.   You can tell he’s in the business because he likes solving problems, not just to make a buck.  And he’s smart, knowledgeable, and friendly on top of it.   Thank you, Luc!
Rona Solomon (2016)

After we purchased our house, Attack-A-Crack was able to quickly schedule the repair.  The foundation crack was smoothed, injected with epoxy and carbon fiber stapled so it won’t ever move again.  It looks great!  The other two wall cracks were injected with epoxy and covered with a membrane to prevent any water leakage.  Despite the fact that drilling/excavating of the cracks was required, there was no mess or dust when the technician finished.  Repair took about 3 hours.  Technician was prompt, courteous, clean and quick.
Kathleen E Sinnamon (2016)

A plus plus plus.  Luc Richard, the owner was extremely responsive.  He came to my house, assessed the foundation crack, and clearly outlined how he would address the situation.  He even showed me a video of how the work would be performed.  He then provided a written quote again detailing the exact steps that would be taken to remedy the situation.  This morning, the technician showed up (on time) to fix the crack. He was not only knowledgeable but extremely polite.  He clearly knew what he was doing and again discussed the different steps that he would be performing.  At the end, I received a written guarantee for their work.  The guarantee covers us the current owners and is transferable to future owners.
Linda Chapman (2016)

There was one large crack in the outer wall of our garage foundation and 2 smaller cracks in the unfinished basement area. After meeting with Luc, the owner, who thoroughly explained the procedure, he quoted us a price, and when I mentioned Angie’s list he gave us a discount. The price seemed fair, although I am always looking for a better one. He scheduled the day for Justin to come and do the procedure. Justin arrived on time and quickly and completely accomplished the work. My cellar was left cleaner than when he came, and the shelves in the garage were neatly returned to their original position. This was a very professional and courteous experience. I absolutely recommend Attack-A-Crack. If there are any future problems I will let you know, although they guaranteed their work for the life of our home–with a transferable guarantee, if we move!
Fran Rice (2016)

Since buying our house in 2005, we had water seepage in heavy rain through eight foot vertical cracks on both the front and rear cement foundation walls. (House was built in 2002.) The seepage would increase to an actual flow in severe or lengthy rain storms. I had always been under the impression that such cracks could only be repaired from the outside due to hydrostatic water pressure. For the crack in the rear of the house — which was the worst of the leaks — fixing it from the outside would have been very difficult since it was under our deck. I had Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing come to do a quote. They confirmed that the only way to fix the leaks would be to dig a trench around the whole house and install a drainage system. Their quote was nearly ten thousand dollars! No, thank you. I became resigned to living with the problem and dealing with it if/when we sell the house. Then one day I came across a coupon in a direct mail packet from Attack a Crack. They advertised injected foundation repair from the inside! And their ad boasted of excellent Angie’s List reviews. Sure enough, the reviews were great and I called Luc right away. He returned my call within the hour. I described the situation and he said that it sounded right up their alley. We scheduled an appointment for him to come for a free consultation. Within a couple of days he had inspected my basement and confirmed he could solve my problem for $1,500! And here’s the kicker…it came with a lifetime guarantee which transfers with the house! Hallelujah!!! The appointment was set for a week later. It was to take a full day and neither my wife nor I could take a day off from work so I left the house unlocked for them to do the work while I was at work. Luc left me a voicemail that afternoon to tell me that the work had been done and all was well. When I came home I found that the cracks were now covered with a grey, rubbery substance about six inches wide all the way down the wall. Very neatly done! They attached their company info and the lifetime guarantee to the top of one wall. Of course we weren’t going to know the real result until the next rain situation… Bottom line, we haven’t seen a drop of water in our basement since they worked their magic. And there have been some major rain events this spring and summer. It’s dry as a bone and what was once a major concern for us is now a thing of the past. Best $1,500 we have ever spent. I can’t say enough good things about this firm and the work they do. Don’t hesitate to contact them.
Patricia Taylor (2016)

Luc was thorough with the  estimate explaining the scope of the work and the lifetime guarantee. On the appointed day the tech actually arrived early and proceeded to perform the repair quickly and cleanly. I would definitely recommend Attack-A-Crack!
Daniel Vallario(2016)

Luc from Attack-A-Crack was very patient and professional. He responded very quick and was very knowledgeable on crack repair. He was honest and the price was reasonable. Justin was on time for the appointment and was experienced. He did a great job on the repairs and cleaned up afterwards.
Cindy Qin (2016)

Team member was on time, completed repair and cleaned up in very professional manner. Quality of job appears top notch.
Michael Beck (2016)

Outstanding! Good price, professional staff, and no issues since repair was completed.
George Smalley (2016)

Went well. Responded to message, was out for a quote following day and performed repair the next. Repair technique is imoressive, looks great and seems to be very effective. Lifetime transferable warranty makes it worth the price. Also like that they showed a video of the process and a photo of technician as part of quote. Luc and his technician were very professional.
Christopher Kent (2016)

I had a long crack in the poured foundation wall, ceiling to floor, that leaked badly after every major or all day rain. They came and inspected it discussed the process that would be done in detail, and the guarantee of the work (for the life of the home). On the appointed day the repairman was on time, professional, did the work exactly as promised, cleaned up neatly, and I was completely satisfied in every way.
Robert C. Thompson M.D. (2016)

Luc from Attack-A-Crack was great.  Over the phone he wasn’t sure that he’d be able to help me, but came out to take a look to be sure.  Fortunately, the issues I was having were of a nature that he could address.  The work took about four hours and was diligently performed.
Joseph Black (2016)

Their pricing was reasonable. They were reliable and easy to get a hold of.
Jamie Scarlett (2016)

Made an appointment to assess the crack repair.Then he gave me a reasonable price for the job.I already had a price quote from another company and attack a crack came $300.00 below his.They came 2 days later,was there about 2 hours.He did a neat and thorough job.Cleaned up afterwards.I was very happy with thework they did.Now I can sleep when it pours out!I would highly recommend attack a crack for any basement leaks.
Daniel Coyne (2016)

He arrived on time (even a little early), was extremely courteous and professional. Time quoted to complete the job was met.   He even took a little extra time to perform a small repair that was not in scope.  Would highly recommend his company to anyone who needs this kind of repair.
Linda Shapiro (2016)

I had a crack in the foundation under my basement window that had been repaired by a previous homeowner. I knew it was there and it didn’t really leak except in a few occasions of lots of rainfall or melting snow combined with heavy rain. Recently it’s started to leak more often so I decided it was time to fix it. I called Luc and was able to setup an estimate for a couple days out. He came by evaluated the crack and other areas of concern with my basement and provided honest answers without trying to upsell me products or services I may not need. The price quoted included a Angie’s List discount which brought the price down to less than I had paid for a similar service by a different company 6 years ago. Truly a great price considering that! The appointment to do the work was setup for about a week later and Justin came to do the work. He was about a half hour early (but this wasn’t a problem as I work from home so I was available) and I showed him the crack as well as the access in and out of the basement via the hatch and he went to work. He was here for probably close to two hours and when he was finished showed me the patch and said that there was a slight leak before he went to work (it had rain about .75 inches the night before) but as soon as he was able to remove the old patch and inject the urethane it stopped. He then showed me outside where the urethane flowed through even above the soil line under a small concrete patch so this reassured me that the patch flowed through completely and would be water tight. We haven’t had very heavy rain since but have had some decent rainfall and so far that area is bone dry. Combined with the transferable lifetime warranty (since we hope to sell in the near future) I’m confident that spot in my basement will not have any water issues. Highly recommended.
David Bennett (2016)

I will hire them again.
Elizabeth Stout (2016)

Had water problems in the basement. Called Luc and he arrived at the home an hour later the same day. We soon discovered the type of cement block I had couldn’t be solved by him. He gave me suggestions, he knew exactly what he talking about, very educated on the various reasons a basement may encounter water. He didn’t try and sell me his services but told me I needed another type of fix. He drove 1/1/2 hours to reach my home that same day, wouldn’t take money for gas or his time. I was upset to learn I couldn’t use lucs services and had to look elsewhere. He is a honest, knowledgeable, show up man, few left in this world these days. I would not recommend anyone else. Kudos Luc ,for speedy, honest service.
Lisa Loudon (2016)

It’s been a bunch of years since I’ve had to use them but they did very good work filling in cracks in several of our basements. Professional, courteous, and prompt service.
Cornfield Apartments (2016)

Luc the owner came out promptly the day after I called him. He answered all my questions in detail so that I could understand my options (I am not handy). Though the work was beyond the scope of what his company does he gave me names of other reputable companies who would be able to do the work ( it turns out that I may need to put pillars/columns of some sort connected to both the bedrock underneath my house and the footings of the foundation I believe as the ground and hence my house us sinking on one end). He also was very helpful with general basement crack/foundation repair advice. No high pressure sales tactics. Just a genuine guy who clearly puts his customers first. I would highly recommend him for anyone with cracks in the basement that they want/need repaired.
Matthew Glascoff (2016)

They were friendly to talk to. Fast response to our phone call. Did a great job rolling and filling the basement foundation cracks that we had. The water seems to not be coming in anymore. Great job!
Matthew Welsch (2016)

Went well. Very professional. Went above and beyond anything I could have asked for. Very nice guy. Would 110% recommend him and will be my first call if I ever need any other work done.
Craig Profusek (2016)

Owner was very punctual, polite and knowledgeable. Scheduled the repair in a timely manner. The technician arrived on time as scheduled. The crawl space had been wet for years and is now dry as a bone. The owner took the time to evaluate another condition I had in a new addition we just put on, and was honest and upfront in telling me that his product would not be a good fix for my particular problem. Recommended a company and even provided me with a unit free of charge that may help me solve a very frustrating problem in my brand new addition.
Brian Deschaine (2016)

In the end he told me that my basement was in great shape and to go ahead and finish it off without a worry. He didn’t try to sell me anything unnecessary and for that I would recommend Attack a Crack to anybody interested in having a professional inspection of their basement without the fear of being sold unneeded services.
Joshua Lemon (2016)

Luc didn’t charge me for the visit, and gave me helpful advice.
Jason Mathes (2016)

I called and we were scheduled for someone to come and give us a quote for the repair the following day. There was no BS involved, very up front and honest explaining the entire process to us. I also explained that we had a quote from someone else as well. He explained how his process compared to the “competitor” and it was a no brainer for us to go with Attack-A-Crack. We were scheduled for an appointment the next day and the technician had the job completed in under and hour.
Keith Charland (2015)

I will definitely recommend Attack A Crack!
Joan D'auria (2015)

Company was not able to provide service, due to the job I Required @ my property. I had issues with foundation and required repairs outside of what Attack A Crack provide. However response and professionalism was very much appreciated.
Danny Mebane (2015)

Great work and courteous.

I was very happy with the repaid work, and it’s guaranteed for life!
Steve Thiele (2015)