Attack A Crack™ is experienced with all types of damage to concrete foundations, walls, inline well lines, cellar bulkheads, and leaking. We offer various services to help resolve your foundation issues within 1-2 days at a low price. Below is a list of Services we offer, and we’re always here to answer any questions or assess any issues you may have free of charge.

Concrete Foundation and Wall Crack Injection – Epoxy and Urethane Resins are used for Shrinkage and Structural cracks. Epoxies can be injected to make the repair, and is administered from the interior of the basement, which eliminates excavation on the outside, saving you time, money and the frustration of tearing up your landscaping! Epoxies harden in the crack and reinforce the concrete, whether it’s a wall or the floor. It will fill the crack entirely from top to bottom, and front to back. Epoxies are stronger than the concrete itself, so once injected it will stop all water from entering your basement or home. For more strength, we also use Carbon Fiber Stitches, which can handle extreme forces!


Sewer and Well Line Injection. During construction of the foundation, two inlet holes are bored through the concrete, one for the well line and one for the sewer line. It is a common practice to use hydraulic cement to seal around the well line and sewer line to keep water from penetrating into the basement. However, with the changes in weather we experience here in Connecticut, this cement cracks over time and can allow water to enter through the inlet. This can prove to be a problem to certain degrees depending on your situation. The area that the water is coming through can be injected with a urethane resin and this resin will penetrate the entire thickness of your concrete wall to the outside, where the source of the water begins. All the work is done from inside the house, eliminating the need for excavating the outside.


Bulkhead Repair or Replacement. During the construction of your home the precast bulk head is bolted to the outside of the foundation. A gasket is applied between the bulkhead and the foundation wall. Due to the frost heaves we experience in Connecticut the precast bulk head lifts and the gasket gets separated and allows water to enter.We are very familiar with this repair. Attack-A-Crack™ will remove the old gasket and inject a urethane resin in between the foundation and the precast bulk head, creating a brand new gasket. Once this process is complete, your bulkhead will never leak again, for the life of your home. There is no need to excavate the outside, thus saving time, money and the headache of having to re-landscape the area around your bulkhead. This process can be done in one day for a fraction of the cost of replacing or excavating the bulkhead.


Carbon Fiber Stitches. Carbon Fiber is the new steel for repairing concrete foundations and retaining walls. In the past, large steel beams were used to enforce cracked and bowing concrete and cinder block walls. The exterior of the foundation would have to be excavated and steel beams placed on the outside and inside of the foundation to stabilize the foundation from moving any further. Now with carbon fiber, the process is done all from within the foundation eliminating the need for excavation. Carbon Fiber comes in all types and forms to allow for different applications from the very serious structural repair to the average crack repair. Carbon Fiber will save you money, time and give you piece of mind that your foundation is sound and guaranteed for the life of your home.

What our Customers are saying about us:

Haven’t had a leak in 2 years since my sewer and well lines were repaired!
Brian Dutton
This might have been the best response I’ve received from anyone in the service industry. Too many don’t return calls and don’t show up on time. Luc was the complete opposite. The patch was done quickly, cleanly and the price was right. I would definitely refer him to anyone needing a crack repaired.
Brian Thiesen
We have only great things to say about Attack-A-Crack™. Very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. From the no-pressure, free estimate, to the top-notch execution of the repairs, Attack-A-Crack™ has resolved all of our issues and alleviated our worries regarding water in the basement. We can’t thank them enough and would highly recommend them.
Shelley Mandigo
We had a great experience. We would recommend Attack A Crack™ to anyone. They were on time, knowledgeable, and accommodating. We had a crack in our bulkhead foundation and it was fixed quickly and completely that day.
Craig Profusek
Luc Richard of Attack A Crack™ did a terrific job sealing a crack in my cellar wall, and leaks coming from where my cellar stairs joined the cellar wall. So far we have had lots of heavy rain and we haven’t had ant leakage from the cracks that were sealed. Luc did a great job, and I would highly recommend his method.
Michael Rinaldi
Attack A Crack™ was referred to us because we are looking to have our basement remodeled but we had some water coming into our basement. My husband called and he was here within an hour to take a look. He did a very thorough job investigating the inside and outside of the house to see how the water was coming in. In the end he said that he didn’t feel his services were needed and provided me with the names and numbers of 4 different companies who could help us install a pump and do excavating to direct the water away from the house. We had only gotten water in the basement on 2 occasions in 6 years, so it was only a minor issue. I’m very grateful for his time and the care he took with helping us and all for free. Thanks Attack-A-Crack™!
Kristin Christesten
Attack A Crack™ was prompt, clean and respectful of our home. He showed up when he said he would, was knowledgeable, freely answering all my questions, worked neatly, and fixed a failed, shoddy repair with professional one having a lifetime guarantee. I am confident in the repair and the would highly recommend Luke and his service.
Peter Schmardel
Water leaked into my finished basement every time there was a heavy rain. For months I contemplated how to resolve a settling crack issue on my basement wall. A friend referred me to Luc at Attack A Crack™ who responded immediately to my phone call and promptly scheduled a time to repair the crack. Luc arrived promptly and worked efficiently to resolve the issue at a reasonable price. It has been over a year and I haven’t had any water. No more anxiety every time it rains. No more wet vacuuming or wet rugs to remove. It was a great experience working with Luc and Attack A Crack™. I will gladly recommend him to a friend or relative.
Mark Farrell
THANK YOU LUC RICHARD FROM ATTACK-A-CRACK™!!! Luc Richard is a very rare find ..Can’t sing his praises enough . Because of his Quality Workmanship & Professionalism , any services he has to offer that we need – we will call only him . In fact we will be having him back in spring to install a Whole House Ventilation system. Our only regret was wish he was called to repair our water issues first – But we were more then blessed when he walked through our door – he fixed the previous company’s blotched up mess in 1 visit – we haven’t had a drop of water since.
Gina Wenz
Luc Richard of Attack A Crack™ is our HERO!! My husband and I were working on finishing our lower level when we noticed a crack that needed to be repaired asap- before our brand new flooring, newly installed wall, and contents of our house were ruined by water damage. Luc was quick to schedule an appointment, showed up early, finished the job in a timely manner, and provided us with all kinds of materials that explained to us what he did and how he did it. Not to mention his estimate was around 50% of the estimate we received from another well known dry basement company. Awesome work, VERY friendly, and we couldn’t be happier. Without doubt we highly recommend Attack A Crack™ to anyone who wants a professional work, an estimate that is affordable, and to work with someone who is amiable, knowledgeable, and efficient. Thanks Attack-A-Crack™!!!
Zahra Jolly
Talked to Luc on the phone told him I had a crack in my basement wall from top to bottom and water came through when it rained, he was able to give me price with a senior citizen discount over the phone, so we set up a time to come out. Justin showed up right on time and he looked at the crack inside and outside and Justin told the crack didn’t cause any structural damage I was relieved to hear that. Justin told me the process of fixing the crack and then he proceeded to fix the crack he was done in a few hours and the job looked great and no mess left behind. Justin even moved things and then put them back in the same place. I would highly recommend Attack A Crack™ to anyone. Thanks to Luc & Justin Great Job!!
Pat LeTourneau
I was very impressed by the prompt response and the great service! I would highly recommend this company!
Marla Chaet
I have had numerous problems with my brand new foundation home. I had previously tried sealing my cracks with liquid cement but all of the moisture issues returned. I called “Attack A Crack™” for help and I’ve never looked back. Luke sealed all 3 of my issues, and now over a year later, I’ve had no problems. One of my cracks was located adjacent to my junction box, but the crew had no problems finding a way to seal and fix the problem. I can’t recommend the service enough. Fast, clean and effective!!!! Thanks Attack A Crack™.
Thomas Gallagher
Thank you so much to Luc and Attack-A-Crack™ for drawing my name for the $500 Visa gift card. It is a great way to start off 2013.
Mark Farrell
We are extremely happy that we contacted Luc, owner of Attack A Crack™, to seal the cracks in the foundation in our basement. He was very professional, courteous, and prompt in setting up an appointment for us. The prices are reasonable and the work that he and his team do is excellent. We highly recommend their services! Thank you!
Jamie Scarlett
Luc and Justin were a pleasure to work with! They were both extremely courteous and professional. The estimate for the work was clear and concise. The work was done neatly and effectively and in a timely manner. I would recommend them strongly!
Sandy Clark
We have had Attack-A-Crack™ fixed several cracks in our basement wall, and they are absolutely wonderful. I called again over a concern of a newly developed crack in the floor of our unfinished portion of the basement. Luc called back promptly and gave great advice based off of my description of the problem, offered to look at a picture I would send him and advise further if needed. We may not need work done, thanks to his advice, but again, he will be my first call if we do need anything.
Craig Profusek
Luc did a great job for us! For years we had to bail water out of our basement and had to worry every time it rained or that snow would melt. No more! We high recommend Attack-A-Crack™!!
Peter DeCarli
Nothing but high praises for both Luc and Justin who were great to work with. I am very satisfied with the work that’s been done and would highly recommend their services for anyone. Great Job!
Sandra Spaderna
Professional, detailed evaluation. Caught other cracks that needed attention which the prior company who had come and and provided an estimate on the main settling crack had missed. Pricing was more competitive than prior estimate for same work and additional problems that were identified were corrected for marginally more money. Completed work on short notice. Arrived timely and completed timely. Owner checked in on progress to ensure top quality. Superior finishing detail. All in all a very good experience and I would recommend to anyone in need of such a repair.
Thomas Turney

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