Bulkhead Repair is common throughout CT, MA, NH, VT, as well other states, due to wear and tear, changes in temperature, rubber seals degrading from water damage, etc.

During the construction of your home the precast bulkhead is bolted to the outside of the foundation. A gasket is applied between the bulkhead and the foundation wall. Due to the frost heaves we experience in Connecticut the precast bulk head lifts and the gasket gets separated and allows water to enter.We are very familiar with this repair.

Attack A Crack™ will remove the old gasket and inject a urethane resin in between the foundation and the precast bulk head, creating a brand new gasket. Once this process is complete, your bulkhead will never leak again, for the life of your home.

There is no need to excavate the outside, thus saving time, money and the headache of having to re-landscape the area around your bulkhead. This process can be done in one day for a fraction of the cost of replacing or excavating the bulkhead.

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